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About us

25 years of experience and support

While this is a new company in the market, we have been working in the industry for over 25 years. Our team of professionals have been custom building security systems for a long time and we have worked with some very large scale projecgts. We curently have a little over 10 clients and we are always looking for new projects as wel expand.

25 years experience

Ensure public security

Monitor traffic flow


24/7 alarm monitoring

Advanced software

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Our solutions

We offer a large range of solutions such as hardware, technical integration, software solutions and online security. Furthermore, we offer a custom build security system for each and security training.

01. Cameras

02. Storage

03. Facial recognition

04. Eye Software

05. Analytics

06. Integrations

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Our vision

We want to make it easy for all property owners to secure themselves from external dangers. Wether it is a small business, a large company or a household owner. It should be easy for everyone to install a security system that fits their needs and keep their data secure.

For that reason, we put major focus on securing data transfer to external devices, creating constant backups, and providing hardware that is easy to intall by anyone.

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